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ACP: Accredited Commercial Professional Designation

Earn your Accredited Commercial Professional™ Designation and make MORE MONEY!
One of the purposes of this Commercial Training Course-How to Successfully List and Sell Commercial Real Estate-is to earn you an Accredited Commercial Professional™ (ACP) designation.
Offered exclusively for RE/MAX, this excellent Commercial Training Course provides fundamental commercial terminology and essential selling, listing and leasing information resources that are demanded by new commercial brokers and transitioning residential agents.

Agents and brokers will learn how to work more knowledgeably, confidently and professionally with commercial real estate brokers, agents, managers, sellers, buyers and leasing clients-which translates to MORE MONEY!

The Accredited Commercial Professional™ Training Course comes with a user-friendly, 250-page Training & Resource Guide that is accompanied by a comprehensive and fast-moving 12-hour step-by step instruction video.

The ACP™ Guide and Course is comprised of six (6) Modules:
• Module 1: Types of Commercial/Investment Real Estate
• Module 2: Estimating Market Value
• Module 3: Prospecting for Listings
• Module 4: The Listing Presentation
• Module 5: Servicing Your Sellers
• Module 6: Working with Buyers/Tenants
The Accredited Commercial Professional™ Course is for:
• Residential agents interested in transitioning to selling commercial
• Beginning commercial agents to fast-track their knowledge
• Experienced commercial agents wanting a refresher and resource
Using this ACP™ course, agents and brokers will learn:
• How to estimate value using three approaches to value
• How to create listing presentations to get sellable listings
• How to use social media and traditional marketing media
• How to properly evaluate property for commercial buyers
• How to conduct due diligence for commercial buyers

YOUR INVESTMENT: Normally, this training package is $600. For RE/MAX associates, the investment is $399. This includes the Accredited Commercial Professional™ Training Course that comes with a 250-page Training & Resource Guide that is accompanied by a comprehensive 12-hour step-by-step instruction video.

TO ORDER: Log in to Mainstreet ( Click on the ‘Learn’ Tab. Underneath the main video, click on ‘Library’. Click on ‘Commercial’. Click on ‘ACP – Accredited Commercial Professional- Module 1′. From this point, you can purchase the ACP™ Guide and Training Course.

The author and developer of the Accredited Commercial Professional™ Training Program is Dan L. Andrews, REALTOR*, GRI, RAM, ACP. Dan is President of Commercial Real Estate Advisors, LLC, and is Director of Commercial Business Development with RE/MAX Advantage in Portage, Michigan. He is approved by the Michigan Department of Energy, Licensing & Economic Growth to teach Commercial Real Estate online and onsite courses. RE/MAX, LLC has selected Dan to develop the Training & Resource Guide to service its approximately 90,000 Global agents. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech, and is past director of the University of Michigan Extension Service Real Estate Education Program. Dan has over 25 years of diversified residential and commercial real estate and management experience.

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