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Welcome to the new and improved RE/MAX Logos page! We have included all the available logos for RE/MAX affiliates on this page in both print ready (high resolution) and web ready (online only) formats. To ensure you download the correct logo, please make sure you read the file name.

For Print Ready – needed for printing companies for your marketing material (business cards, pens, banners, etc) – be sure to use the files that end with the word “Print”. These files are high enough resolution for printing companies to use on your behalf.
For Web Ready – needed for use online only. We’ve included both white backgrounds and transparent backgrounds for your perusal. White background files will end with the word “Web”, Transparent files will end with the words “Transparent_Web”.

How to download:
1. Find the logo you’re looking for and click on the image. Once you click on the image you will be directed to a DropBox link.
2. There will be images at the top and text at the bottom. The image files at the top are Web Ready files and the text files at the bottom are the high resolution Print Ready files (see above for use). Click on whichever one you need – colour, black and white, white, etc.  – file names indicate what colour the logo is.
3. Click download. You will see a bar at the bottom of your screen appear with a box containing the file. Click on the small arrow to the right of the box containing the file.
4. Click Save – save to a location easy to find on your computer (we recommend Desktop). If Save does not appear, Click Show In Folder. Folder will open. File should be at the top of this file folder (Downloads). If not, locate the file (will be the same name as in DropBox), right Click the file and go down and click Send To and then click on Desktop. Your file will now appear on your computer’s Desktop.
5. Now that you have your file on your desktop you can easily use it or send it to your printer or designer.

Trademark and Graphic Standards Manual

If you have any questions or you’re having issues, please don’t hesitate to call us – 1.800.563.3622.

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