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Marketing Material

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We have compiled a list of resources for you, the Broker Owners and Managers, as well as Sales Associates, to share with your networks to help expose yourselves and the RE/MAX brand to your local markets.

For Broker Owners and Managers, these resources are here to help show how powerful the RE/MAX brand is through our advertising campaign, REM ads, past brand research, and monthly website visits statistics.

For Sales Associates, these resources are here to share with your client network and to help with your personal marketing campaigns.

Resources & Flipbooks

Resource Guide 2017

Graphic Standards
Trademarks & Graphic Standards Manual – 18th edition (2017)

The RE/MAX Collection
The RE/MAX Collection Flipbook 2017
The RE/MAX Collection magazine
The RE/MAX Collection Values

Consumer Research
2015 Consumer Research

RE/MAX Special Events Team
Special Events Team request form – RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon Tether, Bouncy Castle, and more!
Special Events Team cheat sheet – details on what’s available from the Special Events Team

For Broker Owners and Managers

Recruitment – REM Ads
Website Traffic Statistics
Current AdTel Scripts
Get ADTEL for the office
Why RE/MAX Recruitment Brochure and Video
Group Advertising (Maximized Promotions) Request Form
WHL Team Logos and Usage Guidelines

For Agents/Associates

Home Buyers Report Card Checklist
Condo Buyers Report Card Checklist
Home Buyers Report Card (longer version)
WHL Team Logos and Usage Guidelines

To customize a checklist, visit the RE/MAX Design Center off Max Center.

Sellers’ Action Plan Booklet
Canada Post AdMail Information and Rates
Market Reports & Press Releases
Fit to Sell Videos