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2016 Awards to be Delivered Next Week

2016 Club Award & NEW Team Club Medallions

Delivery of the 2016 Club Award Medallions & New Plaques for those that are full, will start next week!


New for 2016 are Team Clubs which are awarded to Team Leaders based on the total commissions of the team.

Team members still receive clubs based on their own commission total.

For an explanation on the Team Awards check this out on the blog:


If you are looking to order the type of trophies that are given at R4 go to this link to order:


Career Awards (Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement, Circle of Legends & Luminary of Distinction)

Career award pins and certificates go out throughout the year from RE/MAX, LLC as career awards are achieved.

Plaques are given out complimentary at R4 at the “Best of RE/MAX” or the Marketplace Trophy booth.

If you did not attend R4 and would like the award they can be purchased on Mainstreet at


Click here for a list of RE/MAX awards


Here is a link to the Region Update for Club, Team Club and Career Award logos:

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