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2017 Market Share Numbers

We have collected market share data on several towns and cities throughout Western Canada.

Click the links to access the password-protected market share numbers in each province (alphabetized).


Saskatchewan (E to M)

Saskatchewan (N to R)

Saskatchewan (S to Y)

Alberta (A to C)

Alberta (D to F)

Alberta (G to P)

Alberta (S to W)

BC (100 to B)

BC (C to D)

BC (F to H)

BC (K to M)

BC (N to O)

BC (P to Q)

BC (R to S)

BC (T to V)

BC (W)

If you have any questions on the Market Share graphs, please contact Brooke Berry (

* These are intended for internal use only. If you see something that needs to be revised or your area is missing, please e-mail Brooke any amendments with supporting material.

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