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Hello, is there anyone out there?

On a weekly basis we wrestle on how we can effectively communicate to our membership. This is nothing new as we have been doing this for the past 17 years that I have been with the region. However, there is increasing importance to this question as all of us are bombarded daily with more and more information.

In an effort to increase the overall effectiveness of our communication strategy we introduced the “Update Blog” back in June to replace the PDF style newsletter. We were very excited about the new format and felt we would be able to provide more timely news without being so intrusive with constant emails to you. However, we quite frankly aren’t sure if we accomplished this. We aren’t sure because we haven’t received a lot of feedback on the new format and when we analyze the readership through our analytics very few affiliates actually click on the Region Blog to read it.

This is a concern. When we visit offices and speak with sales associates very few are fully aware of many of the tools and services we offer, with many saying they never heard of a particular service. There is no question our industry is becoming ever more competitive with various business models out there for the consumer to choose. Understanding this we have developed new services and programs to provide a competitive edge, yet we aren’t sure they are being used and are even less sure if you are aware of them.

So… we need your help. What can we do to help ensure you know about the new tools and services as they are developed and released? How can we increase the overall effectiveness of our communication?

And I throw out a challenge for you to respond to; as your Franchisor, what is the most important thing we can do for you? Now the challenge here is you can’t say reduce fees, that is simply too easy an answer. Beyond reducing fees what do you believe we as your Franchisor can do to increase your business or provide you with something that would give you a better operational business?

I look forward to reading and learning from your comments.

Elton Ash ABR CRES
Regional Executive Vice President

RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), LLC


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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to comment. One item that I believe would make a huge impact would to be change the one day orientation into a week long boot camp for new RE/MAX associates…I think that if you had a well known trainer give a basics of RE/MAX program…one that includes an in depth…feet on the pavement breakdown of how to use the tools and why they work…
    Presently, the individual Broker Owners do what they can…but it is clear that not all are capable of the task…If you made the RU more of a value added item rather than simply an access to information point…then I think you would see a big improvement in what our agents and Brokers can do on a productivity level.

  2. Ian Lindsay says:

    I agree with Ari. A one week boot camp may be a bit much but the reality is that this event should be more than an infomercial. We know that the “recruits” have bought in to the basic concept. Now is a good time to create lasting ground work. It is an effort to get away at the best of times. Once gone though, the days can be extended and the RE//MAX net work, Buffini, speakers, realtor experiences, and the tools available etc. can be more fully advanced and taken advantage of.

    As for the new format . It is better than the ongoing blitz. However it still takes time. Thanks for making the change.

  3. Cassidy Bast says:

    I agree with the above two posters. If the Orientation could include hands on training on how to use the RE/MAX tools and further leverage the RE/MAX system, the members would undoubtedly use them, giving agents good reason to stay with RE/MAX. I understand Noel and Chris offer to come down to the individual offices to do hands on training, but if we could get this training done for our agents from the get-go, while they’re in Kelowna, I think that would be of huge value. (This is feedback coming from the agents I hire.)

  4. Elaine Langhout says:

    Thanks for the feedback about our New Associate Orientation program. I will make some changes to the Advertising presentation. These agents are the best informed as we reach them in person. Our biggest challenge is reaching the 5,900+ others who don’t attend SAO as a new agent; how can we reach them?

  5. Mark Barnes says:

    I agree with the above posts. I believe that more hands on training at the orientation would have been hugely beneficial. I also like the weekly regional updates as opposed to the previous incarnation.