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15 Things RE/MAX Agents Can Do to Stay Productive

The Covid-19 Pandemic has meant we are all looking for ways to expand out business, learn new skills and catch up on overdue tasks. But where do you start? While the current situation is not ideal, there are many opportunities for Real Estate Professionals today. Let’s look at some of them.

  1. Update your RE/MAX Profiles.

    When someone searches for you online, one of the first websites they will see, will likely be Ensure your RE/MAX Profile is up to date by logging into Max Center ( and clicking your photo in the upper right corner and click on Update Profile. In the new tab that opens, select each option on the left and update each area.
    Next, go back to Max Center’s app page and click the LeadStreet Icon. In LeadStreet, click your photo in the upper right corner and select “Your Profile”. Go through each page and update your information. This will ensure your online RE/MAX profiles will display current information.
    Here is a video of Jeff Racz showing you how to do this.

  2. Get Educated

    “The more you learn, the more you earn”. What better way to up your post-Covid-19 game than to take as many online courses as you can to increase your knowledge and skillset. You can take courses provided by your real estate board, or perhaps even your office.
    Be sure to check out RE/MAX university to get access to a number of courses and hundreds of hours of free online videos.
    Take part in Webinar Wednesday hosted by RE/MAX of Western Canada, every Wednesday morning at 10:00AM PST
    Subscribe to the RE/MAX of Western Canada Facebook page to get access to numerous facebook live and zoom sessions providing expert advice and great ideas on building your business.

  3. Become a booj Beta Tester and Provide Feedback

    RE/MAX is hard at work adapting booj for Western Canadian markets. If you find you have extra time available and want to be part of the development for this cutting edge new tool, simply sign into Max Center and click the booj tile. Here is a video showing you a demo and showing you how to provide feedback.

  4. Update your Social Media Profiles

    If Social media is a part of your business, and you are connecting with clients through those channels, ensure you have the most recent information available for clients to find. During this pandemic Social media usage has spiked so having current contact information is critical.

  5. Engage with your clients on Social Media

    As stated, social media usage during this pandemic is on the rise. Many companies and businesses have actually suspended or decreased their advertising on Social Channels, but the reality is, this is where the people are and it’s a lot easier to connect with them on social media channels than other more traditional channels. Don’t be afraid to get onto social media and engage with your clients. A couple words of warning however,

    • Don’t engage in political or religious discussions. With the increased time at home for clients, divisive opinions are more prevalent in online discussions. Avoid taking sides (even if you have a strong opinion). It’s even better to avoid the discussion at all, than to post an opinion that a prospect may disagree with and end up losing business.
    • Be authentic and caring about the community. Consumers are watching very closely at how businesses are handling the current situation. More than ever, they are looking to businesses to provide relief and caring to their communities. You can still do business, however, show that you are taking precautions, helping the community and making decisions that benefit others over yourself.
  6. Clean out Your Inbox

    Sometimes the small wins can make you feel like you’re actually getting something done. One great way to do this is to clean out your inbox. Seeing that sweet, sweet “0 items” can bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits.
    You can use the 4 D process to sort through your mail. Look at each item and determine whether you need to Do it, Delegate it (to someone else), Defer it (to a later time), or Delete it.

  7. Update your Business Plan

    Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Taking the time to write or update your business plan can help you determine your budgeting, listing, buyer, and marketing activities through and after the covid-19 crisis. A properly written business plan should include, your financial goals for your business, and all of the processes and systems you are going to implement to achieve those goals.

  8. Create Marketing Plans for Your Desired Farm Area

    Farming can be accomplished through a number of different activities. You can use traditional Mail, Phone calls, and the internet to get your name and face out there. Start by determining what type of marketing materials are appropriate for a market area. For instance, if a farm area is primarily Generation X, then create a plan for marketing through post card mailers and facebook/linkedin ads. If another market area is primarily Millennials, then adjust the plan to focus primarily on Instagram Advertising.
    Decide how many “touch points” you are going to send out, through mail or online, and how frequently they’ll be sent.
    Show active listings, recent solds, neighborhood updates, and your superior results as compared to others in the area.

  9. Update your CRM contacts

    Your CRM should be the heartbeat of your business. Having your CRM set up the right way can ensure you keep in contact with your contacts at the right times. But are you missing information from your contacts? Are your Contacts categorized properly by buyers/sellers, “A” “B” and “C” clients? Taking time to properly update and categorize your clients will help ensure you get them on the right email drip campaigns and connect with them on Birthdays and property purchase anniversaries.

  10. Reach Out to Past Clients / Check on them

    Nothing says “I care” like a text message or a phone call to past clients to see how they’re fairing during this crisis. Letting your past clients know you’re thinking about them and want to check in on them to see if they need anything, can help them know they’re important to you and possibly even lead to listing conversations. Make sure you’re ready for that conversation by having the latest housing stats and relevant market figures. Even though conversion rates are lower, should that listing or buyer conversation happen, show them that despite the slowdown, business is still happening.

  11. Update Your Email Drip Campaigns

    If you’ve begun reaching out to your clients, make sure you’re asking if you can stay in touch with the occasional email. Then sign them up to a Drip Campaign that meets their specific needs. But during those conversations, find out what their needs are. “Are they thinking of renovating once the crisis ends?” “Do they need access to providers that are still open during this pandemic?” “Are they thinking of selling once the crisis is over?” Then, as you discover their needs, start creating email drip campaigns that apply to them.

  12. Create/Update your Google Business Profile

    Have you ever done a google search for a business and noticed the business information that comes up to the right of the search results, showing contact info, a photo of the business and directions to get there? You can set this up for yourself. Go to and click the “Manage Now” button. This will ask you to sign into your Google Account and will allow you to create a business account, or if you already have one, to update it. Make sure you have a current photo, current contact info and your current website added, making it easier for potential clients to find you.

  13. Update your Website / Blog

    Your website is supposed to be the online representation of your business, guiding clients to the latest listings and all of your services. Unfortunately sometimes the agent’s website can get forgotten in the “busy”ness of Real Estate. Take some time to update your website and build content that reflects your products and services. If you have a blog on your site, create and schedule content that’s relevant to today’s markets. Show how you are helping clients and the precautions you are taking.

  14. Use the Tools you Have at Hand

    It’s easy to get distracted by all of the 3rd party tools and services that are trying to get you to subscribe. However, there are a number of tools available to you to help you communicate with clients and build your business. Take a look through Max Center to discover these great tools!
    Further, look at the “Together We Have” one-pager to see a list of tools and resources available to you during this pandemic. RE/MAX Offers a free “enhanced basic” zoom account which includes, a call-in number, up to 100 participants, and unlimited timeframes for up to two participants.
    You can do Virtual Open houses with Facebook Live
    RE/MAX Design Center still provides automated marketing materials for all your listings

  15. Stay Safe, Healthy and Positive

    Nothing is more important than the health of you and your family. This means you should pay attention to your physical health, making sure you take precautions when you leave the house to show a home or even when you go grocery shopping. But this also means taking care of your mental health. Take some time to connect, through zoom, with your family or friends. We might be social distancing but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be social. Take time for yourself. Remember were all in this together and we can still be there for each other. Reach out to your support network and share a laugh.

As a RE/MAX agent you are part of one of the largest networks of Real Estate Professionals in the world. For more, reach out to your broker and for support on the RE/MAX Systems, reach out to If you’re not a RE/MAX Agent and are interested in taking advantage of the great tools RE/MAX has to offer check out

So what else do you think you can do to stay productive during this time, let us know in the comments!

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