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A Win-Win Situation for REALTORS®

A guest blog post from Realty Butler:

Curt Derksen is one of our original clients, and because of his success, we use him as an example of what we can do.

Curt met Rebecca (One of our founders, who you can meet at RE/MAX Activate) while she was working at a RE/MAX brokerage, although the seeds of Realty Butler had already begun to form. Because of that, his success and ours are intertwined; we have grown together. Curt describes it as “the definition of a win-win situation.”

Helping Curt take his business to the next level was a proof of concept at an early stage of our company. We saw how we impacted not just Curt’s business but also his lifestyle, and knew we were offering a valuable service. We’ve helped a lot of other clients since then, but we’ll always have a special relationship with Curt.

Curt puts it well: “I grow because of Realty Butler, but I also know they can grow with me.”

Starting Out In Real Estate

Curt is a family man, first and foremost, and that has driven his real estate career. He wants success, but while money is a part of that, his family life comes much higher up the list. Curt saw real estate as a way to achieve success on his own terms.

It’s a job he likes because he can “connect with and serve people.” That’s where Curt’s strengths lie; he is a people person. He dislikes the administrative hassles that make up a large part of a REALTOR’S® life (unless they have Realty Butler helping them).

“There are things about this business that don’t match my skill set. Things that suck the life out of me,” he says. It’s more than just the time these tasks take, though. They also drain energy he wanted to put into helping clients.

Getting Help from Realty Butler

With website admin, social media, newsletters and more off his plate, Curt estimates that Realty Butler’s help allowed him to do an extra 10 deals the year after signing up. More importantly, he saw an even bigger benefit of our service: “My lifestyle was the biggest thing for me. I was happy.”

“I wasn’t working all night. There was this load off my shoulders – it helped me be better at life.”

Curt’s business is still growing (He did 36 deals last year and over 50 so far this year), and he is happy to find that Realty Butler has grown with him. He estimates that we still save him 20 hours a week.

“At each stage of my growth, it’s really been that Realty Butler are the kind of people I want to do business with. As I was growing, they have worked with me and helped me grow.” With our help, Curt has achieved the kind of success he always wanted. He earns good money without it taking him away from his family. He has time to spend with his wife and three children.

Advice for Other REALTORS®

Curt may not have always found it easy, but he has built on that strong beginning as Rookie of the Year. We asked what he would say to anyone starting out in real estate.

He didn’t need to search for an answer: “Think about what is actually a good use of your time. Get the things that don’t make you money off your plate.”


Being a REALTOR® is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Realty Butler’s team of experts can simplify your day-to-day.

REALTORS® are expected be available around the clock and at the same time to be masters of social media, design and more. Our aim is to take care of these things so that you can be everywhere you need to be and have the necessary expertise in all areas.

Are you ready to find out how much simpler life can be? Book your free consultation.



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