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Beware of Folder Advertising Scam

Please be cautious about a folder advertising scam that we have become aware of.

The company, called CorpCom, is a Toronto-based firm that claims to have more than a decade of experience in the printing industry. The company suggests it will create high-quality laminated presentation folders for brokers, with no charge, because it uses contacts provided by the local brokers to sell sponsorships on the folders.

“CorpCom’s advertising offers a competitive edge for local business owners and promotes local business prosperity as they are advertised on an appealing presentation folder and webpage with Google search priority,” reads a CorpCom press release.

However, numerous online reviews indicate that advertisers didn’t receive what they signed up for.

Several individuals reported the folder they were promised to have an advertisement in was never created. Others suggested the website cost wasn’t negotiated up front; rather, it was slipped into the fine print of the contract, along with recurring charges.

Many online reviewers claimed they were forced to cancel their credit cards to stop the charges.

If you’ve seen this charge on the card alert your bank immediately. You may need to cancel your card to avoid annual recurring charges.

Working with these types of companies can tarnish your office’s reputation and impact your relationship with advertisers. We strongly recommend that our offices do not engage with any of these “folder” companies.

Elton Ash
Regional Executive Vice President
RE/MAX of Western Canada


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