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5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Business with IXACT Contact’s Real Estate CRM

5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Business with IXACT Contact’s Real Estate CRM

Have you started using IXACT Contact? Or are you considering it? Come see how this robust yet easy-to-use CRM and contact management system can help you keep in touch and stay on task with all your clients, prospects, and important referral sources.
Note that IXACT Contact is a RE/MAX of Western Canada Official Partner, and provides us with exclusive discounted pricing. In this webinar, IXACT Contact co-founder Rich Gaasenbeek will show you how IXACT Contact helps you:
1. Keep in touch effortlessly with everyone in your database so you stay top of mind.
2. Ensure that you never miss another client birthday or move-in anniversary – both excellent relationship building opportunities.
3. Nurture and stay top of mind with all your prospects so you get the listing and not your competition.
4. Identify high quality leads – hiding in your database!
5. Stay organized and in control of all your listings, closings, and active buyers.
6. [BONUS!] Create a professional online presence and generate leads with your own customizable, mobile friendly, agent website.
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Webinar: Taking Charge of Your Online Reputation

Webinar: Taking Charge of Your Online Reputation

Trained by searching for other products and services, home buyers and sellers are increasingly turning to online tools to make critical real estate decisions, from the home they want to purchase to the agent they choose to work with.

Online reputation is becoming a critical link in ensuring a thriving lead pipeline. And yet many agents are justifiably hesitant about online tools, as they’ve heard horror stories of damaging poor reviews. Register for this webinar to hear Adam Lerner, Co-Founder and CEO of Two by Fore (a RE/MAX of Western Canada partner), explain his new platform and how it returns control to agents in building effective online reputations that they control.

Adam will present tips on translating your offline expertise to an online world.

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