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FAQs: RE/MAX Special Events Team

Have some questions about the RE/MAX Special Events Team? Check out these most popular questions that come up! If you still have questions afterwards, feel free to contact Alex Fullerton at the Region – or 1.800.563.3622.

  1. The request form is the only place where I can find information on what’s available but I’m not sure what each line item is. Can you elaborate on what each line item is exactly? 
    • Check out this cheat sheet that shows you what each line item consists of.
  2. If I send in my form earlier than January, does that mean I have first dibs on the date? 
    • No. February 1, Sundance Balloons will take a look at all registration applications they receive, even if they received them earlier than January 1. If there are multiple requests for the same date, Region will determine which event prevails.
  3. When will the 2017 schedule be released?
  4. Who operates the Special Events Team?
    • RE/MAX of Western Canada contracts Sundance Balloons to operate on our behalf.
  5. How many Special Events Teams are there?
    • There are three Special Events Teams: one for Manitoba/Saskatchewan, one for Alberta and one for BC. The team is to be shared within each operation area.
  6. What is included in the Special Events Team program?
    • A three-person basket RE/MAX hot air balloon
    • RE/MAX Special Events Team decaled truck/trailer
    • Inflatable house tent
    • Cold air balloon
    • Bouncing castle
    • 10’x10’ tent
    • Parade Display
      The items listed above are to travel together as a team; pricing is based on the needs of the event. Consult the Request Form for price options.
  7. Who has access to the Special Events Team?
    • Local GA Committees (reps), Broker Owners and RE/MAX associates in all areas of Western Canada have access the RE/MAX Special Events Team. Use the appropriate Request Form to request the team.
  8. How do I request the Special Events Team?
    • Fill in the request form or call Lisa Alfred at Sundance Balloons – 1.800.463.5483
  9. How far in advance should I request the RE/MAX Special Events Team?
    • It is best to book as far in advance as possible. After January 31, 2017, the team is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you discover an event in your area coming up and the date is available according to the schedule, it is best that you submit your application at least 4 weeks in advance.
  10. Can the tethered RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon carry passengers?
    • Yes.
  11. Can I still buy a ride on the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon?
    • No. Sundance Balloons sells passenger ride vouchers for flights in their non-RE/MAX hot air balloons in select major markets at discounted rates to RE/MAX associates. To buy a ride, contact Lisa Alfred – 1.800.463.5483.
  12. Who can ride in the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon for a flight?
    • Only media personnel (such as journalists, reporters and other dignitaries) as determined and approved by the Region.

Looking for the request form? Find it here!

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