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Important Design Center Branding Announcement from RE/MAX LLC

RE/MAX LLC has released an important list of frequently asked questions regarding the new RE/MAX Branding and the RE/MAX Design Center.

Brand Refresh: RE/MAX Design Center FAQs

The official launch of new RE/MAX logos and trademarks on September 20 has prompted several important changes in the RE/MAX Design Center.

You’ll find the most popular designs updated with new branding, along with many new projects to help promote your business. The RE/MAX Design Center remains your go-to resource for professionally-produced, customizable marketing materials

Do Design Center projects include the new branding?

Yes! The designs and resources available through the Design Center now feature new logos and images, and they are available for you to use.

Can live projects (property websites, virtual tours, etc.) continue with the prior branding?

Yes. Projects and campaigns that launched before September 20 can continue with the “legacy” branding until December 20, 2017. After that date, you will need to create a new project with one of the new designs.

Can legacy-branded live projects be adjusted?

No. It’s important to note that although existing legacy projects can continue until December, they can no longer be adjusted or modified. If, for instance, you need to change the listing price on existing property website, you will need to rebuild the piece using the new branding.

Has everything in Design Center been updated with new branding?

Hundreds of the most popular designs have been updated with the new branding, and additional resources are constantly being added. But, as part of a larger effort to de-clutter the system and make the most effective/popular pieces easily accessible, some unused or seldom-used designs have been removed from the general inventory and will not be updated.

Will my projects with the old branding be deleted?

Although the general inventory has lost some items in the purge, all of the legacy projects you’ve saved in your user folder remain in place. They will be accessible until December 20, but the system will not allow them to be duplicated, edited, customized, printed or published.

Are designs with the old logos still available for new projects?

No. In conjunction with the September 20 launch, all designs with “legacy” logos and images have been removed from Design Center. This is consistent with the policy on branded items across the network – nothing new should be produced with the legacy look.

Who can I contact with questions?

The eCare team is ready to help! You can contact them by clicking the eCare Help Center tile on MAX/Center ( or emailing

For more information please reach out to or call 1-800-563-3622.

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