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New RE/MAX Mission Statement

New RE/MAX Mission Statement

RE/MAX has a new Mission Statement and it’s something every Sales Associate can incorporate into their business.

To be the worldwide real estate leader, achieving our goals by helping others achieve theirs. Everybody wins.

The statement articulates core RE/MAX values and goals, while focusing on the shared mission to help others.

“It captures our ongoing objective (‘To be the worldwide real estate leader’),” RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly says. “Outlines the path we take (‘achieving our goals by helping others achieve theirs’) and ends with an enduring RE/MAX principle (‘Everybody wins’).”

You will find several Mission Statement resources available for download on Mainstreet.

In order to create the Mission Statement,RE/MAX LLC first outlined the beliefs, values and vision that drive it:

Our Beliefs
• We believe real estate buyers and sellers everywhere deserve the world-class services of outstanding agents who are skilled, driven and focused on achieving outstanding results.
• We believe real estate is a full-time profession and career.
• We believe in the power of preparation and education.
• We believe in experience – and in the wisdom of learning from people who have it.
• We believe individuals are shaped by the attitudes and habits of those around them.

Our Values
• Outstanding agents. Outstanding results.
• Striving to be the best – through education, service and effort – at whatever we do.
• Making a real difference in lives and communities around the globe. One World. One RE/MAX.
• At RE/MAX, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Our Vision
RE/MAX will always be the right place for real estate entrepreneurs who want a combination of independence, support, unique competitive advantages – and
the right choice for customers who understand the benefits of having someone like that working on their behalf.

Our Mission
To be the worldwide real estate leader, achieving our goals by helping others achieve theirs. Everybody wins.

RE/MAX Affiliates may share this article, provided they do not charge for it and this notice is included. All other rights reserved.

Wade Paterson
Social Media/Communications Coordinator
RE/MAX of Western Canada
#340-1060 Manhattan Drive, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9X9
T: 250.860.3628 | F: 250.860.7424

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I have been involved in every facet of the real estate brokerage business for 33 years. Over those 33 years I have experienced a lot of change in our profession. Each time there is change there is also a huge fear and concern over that change. Naturally this is a purely human and natural way that we all react to change.

The concern of change is directly tied to the amount of control we have in determining the change and how we perceive the negative effect on our lives the change will bring.

Yes everyone is reading and experiencing how the latest technological tools will bring huge financial benefit to the consumer. When we turn on a radio or TV or read an online advertisement, everything is being commoditized. Newer, cheaper, over and over again, we hear that price point is the differentiating point by the buyer. In a hard consumable commodity such as toothpaste or breakfast cereal or a television or a computer, that may well be the case. Yet even within hard commodities there are premium brands that don’t compete on price point, they compete on value and benefit.

When it comes to service industries such as real estate brokerage, commoditization is much more difficult, but can be achieved if allowed to be. Our goal as REALTORS® should be to ensure consumers truly understand the benefits they receive when dealing with a full service brokerage. We are fortunate that a well articulated value proposition will be successful in earning business.

But the key is to be well prepared and rehearsed before going in and sitting around the kitchen table with the potential client. This means that you have to take full responsibility to know what you and the RE/MAX organization brings to the table. Over the years, many agents have simply used the “gate keeper of the data” concept as their only service advantage. Today that no longer exists. Consumers are more empowered than ever in selling and buying their home. They have the hard data; they require interpretation of that data. They require the counselling services the REALTOR® provides. They need the all encompassing marketing plan to maximize their home’s value to allow them to make the move they want. They need a full service agent now more than ever, given the ever increasing complexity of the home transaction.

Ultimately, each agent has to take the time to be fully versed on every tool or service that is provided. Each sales associate has to fully understand how to implement these services and to know about the various affinity relationships that can be provided to the consumer for their financial benefit.

In the last few days I have received a number of calls and emails asking us, what are we going to do to fight the Zoocasa marketing plan and the consumer benefits they are providing? Further, this kind of competition will force us as sales associates to reduce our commission rates to compete.

As I have already mentioned, there is no need to panic over this. We do provide a number of consumer direct benefits. For example, the Tranquilli-T program is such a service. Yet it is completely underutilized as a true customer benefit that no one else can provide. Another is our TD Canada Trust affiliation as a tremendous tool that can be leveraged as well; we have mortgage calculators on our web site and mobile apps. We have the Fit To Sell and Fit to Buy programs that have proven to be very popular. Our web site features “walkability scores”. Our mobile app is the only app in the entire industry that has “Live View” (being enhanced with the ability to take photos and listing information to store in the “My Listing” feature). Our web site has a space planner tool. You can easily build a virtual tour and personalized promotional items for each listing using the Design Centre. You can create a QR code for each listing that will point potential buyers to listing information. We have the only multi-lingual web site, for home listings to be featured on. There is so much that we as a Brand offer consumers that are part of your full service brokerage proposition.

It is no longer sufficient to simply walk into a home, complement the owner on what a wonderful job they have done on decorating the home to get that business. You MUST be able to fully explain and articulate absolutely every advantage they will gain by working with you as opposed to a discount commission company or a Zoocasa representative.

You have to be accountable for your service. All too often consumers have had the experience of a REALTOR® making all kinds of promises on what they will provide, only to have exactly the opposite occur in that after 2 months later the sign is falling down and they haven’t heard a thing. Advertisements are poorly written, a virtual tour hasn’t been created, a QR code hasn’t been utilized, showings are poorly managed and then when a change is required or an offer comes in, the REALTOR® ops to do it over the telephone or by email. If that is the kind of service experience home sellers receive; is it any wonder they look to alternative business models?

The RE/MAX organization has developed as the premium brand in Canadian real estate. We have done this over the years by attracting the best affiliates in the industry, with smart savvy marketing, with a value proposition that is the best in the real estate brokerage profession.

When Zoocasa and the Rogers empire starts up its PR campaign, understand they have an uphill battle to conquer. But they are a force to be reckoned with and one to be concerned about. We will prevail and succeed just as we have always done. But we can’t win if we become paralyzed by our fear. We have to rise above the 80 per cent of the licensed losers out there, by truly knowing our strengths and weaknesses.

Further to the consumer benefits, we have one other thing no one else can boast about; the customizable, full E-learning modules on My RU. Utilizing this tool will enable you to be even better prepared and educated than any other competitor out there.

The consumer is looking for a better way. And the good news is that we are that better way as we have always been. Our long history of building a positive reputation sets us apart. By being prepared, well rehearsed and articulate you will overcome any challenge that comes your way.

Really, in the end, it isn’t the change we are fearful of… what we are fearful of is how are we going to control the change and be prepared for it.

Set to work now to know what your true value is. Improve your presentation skills. Hone those basic salesmanship skills. Be prepared and rehearsed. Use and promote every service and tool we have. Walk into that appointment knowing all this, confident in your own ability to win that business.

If you do that, your personal long term success will be assured!

Elton Ash ABR CRES
Regional Executive Vice President



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Crash, Boom, Feast, Famine; headlines are designed to get your attention. The discerning consumer will take the time to read further. The intrigued consumer will take the time to read further and look beyond what is being stated; unfortunately both classes of readers are in the minority. The majority simply sees the headline, maybe read the first two sentences, then move on.

We can’t allow ourselves to do the same thing. When a sensationalistic headline concerning real estate sales activity or house pricing comes to our attention, our role as REALTORS® is to properly interpret that information then communicate the real meaning or story behind that news article to our customers and clients.

For example, in this morning’s online Financial Post there is a headline “Economic shock could knock Canadian housing prices down 44%, Moody’s warns”. The headline in itself immediately causes great concern with anyone who reads it. However, as you read the story, it actually refers to the pressure being put on all rating’s agencies to accurately predict what is going to happen to specific market segments in the economy. Further down in the story, “Ratings agencies came under harsh criticism in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 for what was perceived as a failure to predict the U.S. housing market meltdown that precipitated it. Since then, there has been an attempt to strike a balance of thorough analysis with timely analysis, according to Grant Connor, an associate in equity research at National Bank Financial who previously worked on structured finance at Moody’s.”

Further it states, “At the simplest level, a stress case scenario should represent a realistic worst case scenario,” Mr. Connor said.” and “Moody’s Investors Service is in no way predicting the extent nor the causes of a large scale house price depreciation in Canada,” spokesperson Thomas Lemmon said in an emailed statement. “Along with many other factors, the home price component of our analysis provides that in order to achieve our highest rating, a mortgage pool would have to be able to withstand a 44% downturn.” Moody’s is the second ratings agency in as many weeks to seek input on a proposal to change the methodology used to analyze securities linked to mortgages.”

Then, at the very bottom of the news article, “In addition, Moody’s does not seem overly concerned about an over-supply of housing with the possible exception of the condominium market.”

You can see in the story itself, Moody’s isn’t predicting a house price crash of 44%. They are asking for input on developing a stress test to better able predict what a worst case scenario could be if specific predicted factors were to fall into place that would therefore affect the market.

In other words, politicians, regulators and business leaders are looking for ways to shift the blame or point the finger at anyone else if another financial crisis were to happen.

The fact of the matter is that all markets are cyclical. That will never change. We know that prices go up and prices go down. Over the world’s history, everything trends up in response to population growth and the resultant consumer demand.

We have lived through the greatest economic boom the world has ever experienced with the baby boomer demographic. It is purely natural and painful that following such a long run of growth, there will be a long run of economic instability. Up and down cycles are directly related to each other.

The thing is we have to see beyond the headlines of the particular cycle we are in. Back in the last up cycle, 1998 through to 2008 the headlines were all positive, nothing could go wrong. Now since 2008 the headlines are exactly the opposite. In our own situation as real estate brokers we have to appreciate two main philosophies when it comes to how we conduct business and control our own business lives.

1. We are in control of our own destinies, no one else. So ignore whatever the headlines are, be they good or bad. Stay focused on your own business track, providing the best service you can.

2. In regards to real estate investing, counsel your clients and customers to buy or sell their real estate investment, principle residence or other property, based on their own personal circumstances, not on the media perception of the day that they will make a quick buck or lose a buck.

If we stay with these basic fundamentals, we, and our clients, will ultimately succeed and enjoy a positive lifestyle.



Elton Ash, ABR CRES
Regional Executive Vice President
RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), LLC


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Happy New Year!

Each New Year brings a renewed optimism for the coming year as we review our past year’s successes and challenges to determine our goals and targets for the upcoming year. Sales success is never really determined by outside market influences but by our own desire and discipline in creating and meeting our own personal goals.

Of course, a “hot” market may make it easier to reach a goal, but a so called “soft” market is not a barrier to reaching success. It really boils down to one’s own work ethic and ambition.

Top producing sales people typically go through a period retrospection as the year gets underway. This is natural, after a year full of activity, reaching to meet that year-end goal, to have it all start over again. This is short lived as the previous prospecting activities kick in with the telephone ringing and emails coming in requesting information.

My experience over the years has proven that a consistent prospecting plan always yields results. The key to take some of the sales swings out, with less cyclical influence, is to maintain a steady prospecting plan day in and day out.

Therefore, it is critical as you set your plans in place to always maintain a consistent prospecting plan no matter what else is going on in your business calendar. This will ensure you will experience consistent monthly sales performance, as opposed the lows and highs many others have due to inconsistent follow through on their plans.

As far as overall market conditions are concerned, 2013 looks as though it will be a stable year with record low interest rates remaining in place. There shouldn’t be any economic surprises ahead of us.

So, set your plans in place and follow them. You will reach your goals and have a great year in 2013!



Elton Ash ABR CRES
Regional Executive Vice President


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It has been a while since my last blog. A very busy spring has kept me away from the blogging keyboard. However, now that summer appears to have finally arrived, it seems like a good time to share some thoughts.

Media reports on market conditions across the country have been generally positive with many reporters asking about a bubble burst in the Vancouver market. My response has been that all indications are pointing to a slightly slowing market with balanced conditions. This will mean no bubble burst, just a leveling of activity.

The federal government’s move to reducing overall amortization rates and strengthening equity ratios on refinancing is good news for our industry. Canada has escaped the economic meltdown the rest of the world has experienced; certainly due to our more conservative nature and strong lending policies. I believe more importantly though, as Canadians we can be very proud of our work ethic, overall productivity and social responsibility. I believe that these factors are the foundation that has really stood us well during these trying times.

We have experienced strong Regional growth this year. Our net sales associate growth has remained very good with new franchise sales to match. At our Regional Strategic Planning session earlier this year we set our goal to reach 40% market share region wide in 2016. We shared this goal with the broker owners and office managers at the annual Broker Owner and Manager’s Retreat in early June.

In order to reach that goal we will be working with all our offices to continue to provide an exceptional sales associate experience; recruiting and retention has to be at the forefront of our thinking. We will also be targeting specific markets for additional franchises where we feel we have room for growth.

Over the years, we have witnessed how our growth, which produces more signs, more advertising, more Brand promotion results in greater income levels for all sales associates. Ultimately our goal is to continue to ensure our sales associates are the most productive and successful agents in the business.

To this end our mobile technology, incorporating “Live View”, Augmented Reality, is leading the entire real estate industry in providing the consumer with a unique search experience that will bring them back time and time again. Make sure you are promoting this tool to your clients, Link.

Finally, now that the hot weather is here in Western Canada, take time and enjoy some well deserved family vacation time. I know a busy fall season is headed our way.





Elton Ash ABR CRES

Regional Executive Vice President

RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), LLC


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I have to admit that the typical Canadian Real Estate Association AGM can be a bit of a dry affair. The most interesting aspect of past AGM’s for me have been with the installation of RE/MAX affiliates as the CREA President (by the way, CONGRATULATIONS to RE/MAX River City, Edmonton, sales associate, Wayne Moen, on his installation as CREA President for 2012-13) and in the Leadership sessions that followed the next day… until the last 2 years.

Starting last year with the Future Scenarios Planning workshop, followed up this year with a full day of discussion on the results of the past year and a half of cross country discussion on how Organized Real Estate (ORE) evolves; the AGM was a very interesting experience. The motion to accept the recommendations of the “ORE Strategy Map” was passed with a very strong approval rating. Comments and discussion ranged from “the Industry isn’t moving nearly fast enough” to “why do we change at all…?”

In my last blog I discussed the need to continue with as a consumer oriented listing search site. I received good responses on both sides of the discussion. And certainly, I was a lonely voice at the AGM in that regard. Of course, no one should be surprised given the audience composition.

I had the real pleasure to be seated with NAR President Moe Veissi and President Elect Gary Thomas. During the round table discussions we had great debate around consumer centric services and the role ORE can and should play in that. Gary Morse, Immediate CREA Past President joined in that debate as well. I must commend Gary on his attitude and beliefs. He has done a terrific job in directing the entire project and I was very happy to see President Wayne Moen ask that he stay on in his capacity with the Futures Project.

Open, honest debate and discussion, while respecting each other’s position is a Canadian tradition and one that I was proud to see exhibited at this AGM. As much as Past President Morse and I may disagree on the future of we do see each other’s point of view and respect that.

However, the job has just begun. There is still much heavy lifting to do and the CREA will need your assistance and input as the various core strategies of Consumer Insight, Technology and Data, Professional Development and Member Services are explored and detailed.

Two topics included in the four categories that generated a lot of discussion was the future of as an entity and consumer participation in a “Rate Your REALTOR®” concept.

I sensed a naivety being exhibited by some of the speakers in the audience over the “Rate Your REALTOR®” discussion. There are many forums out there now where a consumer can express their views, mostly negative, on the performance they received from a REALTOR® in selling or buying a home. This is an area that ORE must move in order to present a more consumer centric service. By moving in this direction the industry will have the opportunity to have some effectual control in this area, ignore it; there could be a rude surprise waiting down the road.

Please take the time, go into REALTOR Link®, have a look at the Futures Project, talk to your Broker and your Real Estate Board representative and get involved. This is your future that is being discussed and directed.

I look forward to your comments.

Elton Ash ABR CRES

Regional Executive Vice President

RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), LLC


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I just returned from a Franchisors meeting with the Senior CREA Leadership Team in Toronto. We had very good discussions about the Futures Project, the Data Distribution Facility (DDF), Federal Affairs, MLS® Home Price Index, the CREA Stats Boutique and the REALTORs® Care Foundation.

Generally the discussion was cordial with a fair amount of agreement on the topics, except for one thing, the future of! From my perspective, there is no question that and the precursor,, served a critical role in our technological development in the Canadian real estate industry. Today it may be a different situation; it seems to me one of the biggest issues the Competition Bureau has with organized real estate is and the closed environment around it.

In response to the rapidly changing brokerage environment, CREA initiated the Futures Project. This is a tremendous initiative that CREA should receive full accolades for. There has been a tremendous amount of work, effort and time go into this at all levels of membership. Certainly the upcoming AGM in Ottawa will be ground breaking as the entire project is discussed and decisions are made on our Industry’s future.

One of the ideas to be discussed will be for CREA to look at developing a business model around spinning off to a third party to manage. The reasoning being to provide better management and control over the product and develop a better customer/consumer experience. It could even be developed to accept FSBOs and become the ultimate web site for consumer search for real estate.

This was the one idea all the Franchisors had an issue with; never ever even contemplate such a move. If this is a way to please the Competition Bureau, then shut down completely. Never allow FSBOs any opportunity to advertise their own home on a REALTOR® site. Further, why have an Industry site that is really competing with our own consumer listing search sites?

From our RE/MAX perspective we have worked very hard with a tremendous investment to develop a listing site that has become very successful. We will continue to develop and Leadstreet to be the best tool for both consumers and sales associates. Many would agree that today, only exists to level the playing field and take away the competitive advantage we have. And today, I would believe that.

I believe the Data Distribution Facility will be a great resource and tool for all REALTORS® to use and take advantage of to display listing information on an individual licensee basis, on a brokerage site, on regional or national Franchisor sites. I no longer believe that Canadian organized real estate needs a consumer oriented web site to search for property. Through IDX data sharing agreements and Broker Reciprocity any single entity or organization has the ability today to display all the mls home listings available in those particular markets. This then leaves it up to the Franchise organization, the brokerage or the individual to develop and compete for their share of the market. And most importantly, allow each of us to truly compete and win in attracting the greatest amount of business.

The upcoming AGM in Ottawa, March 24th and 25th, will be one of the most important ever. Take the time to review the entire Futures Project. It really is a well executed document with some very valuable insights as to where our industry needs to go. Make sure your Real Estate Board of Directors is aware of your thoughts and concerns before they head to Ottawa to express them for you.

I look forward to hearing from you on this topic.

Elton Ash ABR CRES
Regional Executive Vice President

RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), LLC


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Regional Directors Welcome Speech From Conference

Regional Directors Welcome Speech From Conference

Regional Director
Opening General Session
Welcome Speech
Feb 9, 2012 

Once again welcome to Victoria and our Annual Western Canada Conference.

We view this conference as the most important Western Canada event each year. It gives us the opportunity to communicate to you new programs and services.

It gives you the opportunity to build referral contacts and take in presentations and sessions put on by professional speakers and your peers. All of which combines to increase the bottom line profitability of your personal businesses.

And equally important it gives all us all the opportunity to celebrate our personal and collective successes achieved over the past year.

I want to thank each of you for your commitment and enthusiasm for taking part in the conference.

As you know we have substantially changed the overall format this year. And so far from a general point of view it has worked very well as we have experienced a record number of full registered delegates. Next year’s conference will be different yet again as we look to revitalize and build on each year’s event.

We have always been very proud of the fact that we are a grassroots driven organization. Over the years the majority of the programs and services offered, are a result of input from our membership. We will continue to look forward to your input to develop and present the best events possible.

Many of you will remember our early days when all we had was a yellow pad of paper to describe what a REMAC was; it was very exciting. We were the renegades of the industry, pushing the envelope and doing things differently.

We promoted ourselves which in turn promoted the Brand. We were indeed the Top Producers in our communities and we had to work hard serving our customers and clients as economies changed.

In my time, recessions have come and gone, prices have gone up, down, up, down, up, down but over the long term there has been far more up than down in real estate values.

The Competition Bureau has always been there. From the Prohibition Order of 1989 to the RE/MAX Advertising Prohibition Order in 2004 to the 2010 CREA Accord now to the Toronto Real Estate Board investigation and charges; all of this over a perceived lack of competition in our business.

Do any of you feel you are not out there competing each day? It simply baffles me. The Commissioner obviously lives in a nether world and has not ever really taken the time to understand our world.

But despite that, I really don’t feel the Bureau and any decision made by the upcoming Tribunal will really change our business in any significant way. However, there is a large concern I have that will affect our business more than any other situation out there.

That concern is in the way we each view our role in assisting consumers in selling and buying their homes. Our success in real estate sales is not based on being the keeper of the mls and home sales data.

Our success is in the interpretation of that data for the consumer and in delivering a valuable service in pricing, marketing, negotiating, consulting, due diligence to completion and after sale service for the seller.

Getting the home owner, the best price, in the shortest time, with the fewest problems.

For the buyer it is understanding their needs and desires. Demographics, neighborhood information, mortgage requirements, market activity, social interactive dynamics, negotiating, due diligence to completion and after sale service.

None of these services have anything to do with protecting the data. They have everything to do with the true value a consumer is looking for, and the true value, you as sales associates, bring to the consumer.

Later this afternoon Elaine Langhout, our Director of Regional Advertising will be presenting to you some very interesting information from a consumer survey we conducted this past fall.

The consumer direct survey certainly proved to us that the Canadian consumer views RE/MAX as the leading real estate organization in the country, by a huge margin. And more importantly they value the experience you bring to the table. The highest values consumers look for in selecting an agent is

  1. Reliability
  2. Trust
  3. Knowledge; in that order.

In all three categories you as RE/MAX Realtors® blew the competition away. Over the years our Brand image building combined with your ethical and professional approach to business has developed the Most Trusted real estate brand in Canada.

Having said that… Are we starting to take some of these things for granted? I am witnessing some disturbing work habit trends in our membership. The main one being a lack of customer face to face relationship building exposure.

We have really experienced this in the type of consumer complaint we receive in our office. The majority of complaints involve a situation where something was communicated over a telephone or by email, not fully understood by the customer and not followed-up by the sales associate.

This has been especially true when dealing with contracts, whether that is a listing or sale agreement. We are seeing way to many instances of sales associates sending a contract by email, expecting the consumer to review it, sign it, then send it back, maybe with a telephone conversation.

This is simply unprofessional and purely bad business.

I see too many sales associates using technology in the mistaken idea of being more efficient by replacing belly to belly relationship building opportunities.

Yes, it can be done, but in a time when consumers are looking at and questioning full service brokerages and the fees that come with that. You had better well be justifying the fees you are receiving, by providing a customer experience that is second to none. At that point any internet based mere posting, no service Realtor®, will not last long, go out of business, or at the very least come and go as they always have.

When it comes to competing with mere posting discounters, we as a full service brokerage offer much more value. In all of this, the debate often rages around “The Data”. As I mentioned earlier, we offer so much more than data or web advertising to sell a home.

Last October, I was interviewed by a reporter out of Toronto asking me “if commissions are negotiable and that we must be losing business to some of these new discount companies”. I responded to him by giving an example of the kind of service a RE/MAX sales associate provides.

The example I gave….Mr. and Mrs. Home Seller call me to come by and discuss selling their home. I prepare for the appointment by doing some preliminary work based on what information I have available at that time.

Later sitting at the kitchen table Mr. Seller may ask me if I will reduce my commission to get their business? I respond I would consider it but to do so I would have to reduce some of my service to them.

1st there is the interpretation of the data for sales, solds and expireds to together, determine the best price for the home to be competitive in the current market place

2nd is the marketing plan; which would include web advertising, including our new mobile technology with Augmented Reality, mls, highlight sheets, social media presence, virtual tour development, open houses, newspaper ads, home staging using our RE/MAX Fit to Sell program, buyer viewing coordination, enrollment into our exclusive RE/MAX Tranquilli T program.

All the while communicating to you what the results of our advertising program has been along with the feedback from home showings and Realtor® previews.
3rd negotiation when an offer is received. My skill and experience in handling the negotiations will get you the best price and terms.

4th due diligence after an accepted offer with mortgage approval, appraisal, property inspection coordination.
5th after conditions are removed, follow-up with conveyance instructions to your lawyer, liaising with buyer’s agent, coordinating buyers visits and questions such as window or appliance measurements, and assisting with your move out procedures.

 6th possession, delivery of keys on the assurance all monies are received from your lawyer.

 7th after sale follow-up with you, as the seller.

Now Mr. Seller, which one of these groupings of services or specific services, would you not want me to do? Understanding that if I don’t do them, your home will likely sell for less, or you get someone else which may mean yourselves or you will have to pay someone to do them.

After I explained all this the Reporter had no debate over the value of a full service Realtor®.

Now, back to customer relationships, I am in no means saying social media, email, web forms or any of those tools aren’t good. They are tremendous aids in developing and serving your business.

But the key to this, is do not let yourselves fall into the trap of less is more. Use those tools effectively, but at the same time never forget what makes us all successful as sales people. 

  1. Sales skills to close the deal and help our customers realize that this is the right home for them.
  2. Negotiation skills that sell or get them the home they really want.
  3. Human relation skills that develop customers for life and the referrals that will bring.

Bottom line, we will have great economies and we will have recessions. We will have Competition Bureau investigations and there will be Accords.

There will always be low fee competitors out there.

We are ultimately in control of our own success. Keeping your attitude positive and constantly honing your business skills will keep you and us as the Brand at the top of the Real Estate Profession.

Our brand will continue to dominate. Smart integrated planning and execution will place us at the forefront of the consumer’s and the Realtor’s® minds.

We will continue to be the innovator and unquestionable leader in the real estate profession 

You are each a leader in our industry. Thank you for everything you do in providing the superior service and achieving the sales success the consumer has come to expect of the RE/MAX organization.

CLICK HERE for the PDF version






Elton Ash, ABR, CRES, CERC
Regional Executive Vice President
RE/MAX of Western Canada
Phone: 1-800-563-3622

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The Quebec conference has come and gone and we are all back to our day to day activities. The feedback I have received to date was that the overall conference was one of the best ever; the content and entertainment fabulous and interesting.

Ken Schmidt’s story about the Harley Davidson’s history and business model was inspiring and interesting. The Global Panel made up of Vinnie Tracey, Walter Schneider and Alan Tenant addressed some key issues in our industry and brand. The breakout sessions were well attended with a lot of ideas being exchanged.

Amber Mac’s social media presentation was exceptional as she really brought a greater understanding of how to maximize the benefits of this new world. And how could anyone not laugh with Derwood Fincher’s hilarious take on Candid Camera.

Finishing off the weekend with the Cube performers during dinner and then dancing to Alter Ego really capped it all off.
The greatest benefit of the conference for me was in renewing old friendships and meeting new people. This included networking and learning how we as your Franchisor can continue to build on our overall Brand strategy to assist you in being successful.

I look forward to hearing your comments on what inspired you or what you really appreciated and enjoyed at the Quebec Conference?






Elton Ash ABR CRES
Regional Executive Vice President



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I have had a couple of personal experiences in selling and buying real estate this past year; one where I was personally involved in selling and buying a home, the other with a personal acquaintance.

In both instances I was surprised with the manner the REALTORS® conducted themselves. There was no question they were well prepared and knew the market very well.  Each instance however, had situations that surprised me, especially since I heavily promote our overall membership’s sales skills and professionalism.

In summary in both my experiences, sales associates are relying heavily on technology and using social media as a crutch to replace face to face relationship building and negotiation skills.

There is no question social media is great for prospecting and staying in touch with past clients. It is also critical that technological tools are used to create efficiencies and improve overall customer service. A successful sales career is all about relationship and salesmanship skills. Nothing will ever replace face to face meeting and consultation services. Yes the initial contact is great with social media or email, but the ultimate customer service experience can only be achieved by face to face, belly to belly meetings; answering questions, providing feedback and giving advice one on one. This is the only way to develop the rapport needed to build a long lasting relationship based on trust and confidence.

This is even more critical when dealing with an offer. All too often we hear from unhappy consumers and from my own personal experience, where sales associates call with the offer, then email it to the client to review and respond. This is completely unacceptable and certainly flies in the face of good negotiating skills. Further to this, the consumer really questions the value they are receiving for the commission being paid.

It has become all too common to use technology as an excuse to not meet face to face. Ultimately your success ratio on closing sales will be determined by your ability to read body language, listen and watch between the lines and help the client make the right decision with the all the information. There is no way this can be accomplished effectively over the phone or by email. Naturally, there are times when there is no other way; I believe presenting offers over the phone or by email is only a choice of last resort.

If you are looking for a way to sharpen your overall sales skills, the best program widely available is the Dale Carnegie sales course. I took it many years ago and still find it as the best method to really sharpen your negotiating skills.

I look forward to reading your comments and hearing about your own experiences on this topic.

Elton Ash ABR CRES
Regional Executive Vice President


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I just returned from the Summer Conference held in Los Angeles. There was a good turnout of nearly 800 broker owners and managers. The sessions were very good with a great exchange of information on office management procedures, recruiting and new technological trends that will affect our business.

Beyond the sessions it was obvious that many of the delegates were networking and sharing ideas on office management issues and concerns. Similar to all RE/MAX conferences the true benefit in attending a conference is in the face to face networking and sharing of ideas. However, is that still the case? Has social media replaced the need for people to personally gather to achieve the same results? Over the years we have witnessed a steady decline of membership participation to all conferences.  By the way, this trend isn’t unique to our organization, as all industries are having the same experience.

As a conference organizer we then have ask the question of relevancy. In the past, our tried and true convention attendees responded loudly and clearly that we must continue, yet, numbers continue to slip. The upcoming Canadian Conference in Quebec City is a prime example. As of my writing this blog today, we are seriously below attendance expectations. So much so that we are questioning the overall viability of the event and will have to make a business decision.

What are your thoughts? Has social media replaced the need for conferences? Are people no longer interested in such events? Is it communication and awareness; is the membership even aware of the conference?

Please let me know your thoughts by posting a comment.

Elton Ash ABR CRE
Regional Executive Vice President

RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), LLC


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