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A couple of weeks ago I proudly announced our new listing syndication partnership with Zoocasa. After that announcement and subsequently going live we immediately experienced a surge in consumer activity on our listings. Shortly thereafter we received a 10 day notice from the REB-4 (Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Calgary and Edmonton REBs) that we must shut down the listing feed to Zoocasa. They cited listing integrity and non-authorized data usage as their reasoning. REB-4 also pointed out that technically we did not have the right to send listing data without their authorization.

Our view is the listing data belongs to the brokerage and the brokerage has the right to send that data wherever they please, provided the integrity is maintained. Our current technological system ensures that the data integrity is maintained vigilantly. It really boils down to the situation where Real Estate Boards are directed by competitors. They naturally do not want to see anyone have any greater advantage over another.

I am proud to say our broker owners in the REB-4 areas got very involved and loudly voiced their concerns over what appeared to be anti-competitive behavior. The 10 day notice was extended to 60 days so as to provide more time to study the situation and come up with an agreement that would meet our requirements and expectations.

I am confident that objective will be met and we will be able to continue on to meeting our goal of providing all RE/MAX sales associates with a high volume of quality leads to increase overall sales associate income.

 This is a competitive business. The RE/MAX brand name recognition, with our superior technological tools, coupled with your advanced skills and dedication will ensure we continue to build on our overall market share and increase your sales activity.



Elton Ash ABR CRES

Regional Executive Vice President

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  1. Keith Schultz says:

    I don’t agree with the sharing of MLS listing data with Zoocasa or any other website. If we want to post a listing on MLS then we have to follow the rules of CREA. As an industry we strongly need to improve our image with the public. I would like to see an ad campaign that is serious with a bit of humour, not the tossing of a mattress. Realtors bring a lot to the table, not the least of which is the holding of hands and understanding of our clients’ goals and aspirations. Selling real estate is a highly skilled profession. I have spoken with the public, and have been told that real estate services will be devalued over time. This is understandable when we firstly agree to ‘mere postings’ and secondly agree to give away our data. Other industries do not give away all of their information. The information is a competitive advantage. And we do not have to be afraid to hear the word ‘competitive’. I would like to see CREA spend a significant amount of money to improve It could be so much better.