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Special Events Assets Available!

Discover how the RE/MAX Special Events assets can help your event go from good to great!

Are you looking to not only stand out from the competition, but to rise above the them? The RE/MAX Special Events Team is ready to help you take your community event from good to great!

Grab attention and gain exposure by utilizing the RE/MAX assets available to you. See the full list of assets available for booking on the Special Events Team Cheat Sheet.

There are three RE/MAX Special Events Teams in Western Canada:

Prior to booking, make sure you visit to see if the date you’ve picked is already booked by the team in your province.

Want to book the team? Make a request by filling out the Cash Request Form and sending it to Lisa Alfred at Sundance Balloons Upon approval of the event and selected timeframe, Sundance Balloons will then provide you a written confirmation of the booking.

Please note, all agent-requested events must be approved by their Broker Owner.

If you have any questions regarding the RE/MAX Special Events Team program, please contact Alex Fullerton at or 1.800.563.3622.

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