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booj is Coming: Here’s what you need to know

You might be asking – what exactly is booj? It’s a RE/MAX-owned technology platform focused on enhancing your professionalism and helping you forge stronger relationships with your clients. Each part of the booj ecosystem helps you hustle harder, smarter and faster, with products connecting behind the scenes to multiply value for agents, brokers and clients alike.


The booj Platform is your CRM, website manager, office lead set up & more!


This isn’t just a CRM, it’s your hub to prioritize leads, engage clients, earn deals and manage all your tasks. But simply put, it will help keep all the information about your contacts & leads in one place, placing their home buying preferences, relationships, notes and past conversations at your fingertips.


booj powered websites offer customizable agent, office and team sites to provide local home search, property valuation and other lead generating features. This ultimate real estate web publishing platform will allow you to create customizable, branded, multi-page sites, conduct advanced listing searches, create multiple lead conversion points and generate automatic agent rosters. Your site, your leads!


Create and send customizable email campaigns and newsletters that are designed to keep you in touch with your clients. Smart campaigns will allow you to tag new contacts and have them automatically added to running campaigns.  

Still have questions? You’re not alone.

Explore our FAQ that will be updated along the way as we roll out the booj platform. We’ve also got a robust onboarding schedule lined up, with “how to prepare for booj” webinars happening right now!

booj IS LIVE NOVEMBER 3rd! Here’s what to expect:

It’s official! Starting on November 3, you will have access to the booj technology suite, which includes the booj websites and booj CRM.

How to Access booj 

Log in to MAX/Center and click the booj Platform tile. You will be greeted with the Startup Wizard to help you prepare your account for use and take you through different functionality.  

Feature Availability  

Data Migration 

Both new leads and existing contacts in LeadStreet can be automatically imported into booj. To take advantage of this bi-monthly import, simply choose the option to import your leads from LeadStreet when completing the booj Startup Wizard on your first login. 


The RE/MAX University Technology Engagement Team will be hosting live, in-region booj training sessions in coordination with the booj rollout across the region. Register and save your seat at an upcoming live or virtual training session.  You can also access additional training resources through the new RE/MAX University during rollout, including webinars, videos and learning tracks. 


Product Support will handle all support for booj. Support can be found through the following: 

 Note: All tickets submitted to the Product Support team can be tracked and recalled through the Support Services tile in MAX/Center 

Don’t forget to take the following steps to get the max out of booj!

We’re here to help! Download these info sheets to help you navigate this new technology suite.




When will booj be available to the Western Canada network? 

The release for booj will be broken into two stages beginning in early November. 

The first stage will include the CRM, Email Campaigns and the Agent/Office/Team Websites. This will allow agents to start importing and categorizing their contacts, setting up email campaigns and getting their website content ready.  

The second stage of the launch will be around 30 days later, when we make listing data live and switch lead delivery to utilize booj rather than LeadStreet.


Will I have to pay anything extra for access to booj?

No. booj is provided to you as part of your existing RE/MAX fees. 


What Training will be available? 

There are lots of opportunities to receive training on booj – whether it’s online, in-person or via a webinar we promise to be by your side through it all! See below for some details on what’s currently planned: 


Do I have access to booj before the first release?

Yes, Canadian users can access a booj tile in MAX/Center under the apps list to begin exploring features and functionality. It is important to note that this is NOT the same version as what is currently being built for Canada and any custom work completed in this version risks being lost at launch. 


Will I have to manually import my contacts/leads?

After Launch, when Canadian users access booj for the first time, they will be greeted with an “onboarding” process. Part of this onboarding will allow them to automatically sync your contacts/leads from LeadStreet. Agents using other 3rd party CRMs may have to use the manual process for importing leads – instructions will be provided should this be the case. booj also has a one-way sync from Google Contacts, which may be another option for those using the Google Suite.


Does booj integrate with BombBomb?

Yes, your email campaigns can leverage BombBomb videos. You will need to set up booj to work with your BombBomb account. 


Do the booj Websites work for Teams?

Yes. There is provision for Teams throughout booj – with team websites being a feature you have access to. Team leaders can also control options like team member display and even how leads are passed among team members.


Will I be able to add my own hero images to my websites/email campaigns?

Yes. The booj editor allows significant customization of your websites and email campaigns.


Will the Mobile search app for customers be available? 

No. Canada has opted out of the Mobile apps for now, however, your booj website is fully mobile friendly. This decision to participate in the mobile apps may be revisited when the development and functionality  is further along. 


Will the Mobile booj CRM app be available to me?

No. Canada has opted out of the Mobile apps for now. The booj CRM is, however, mobile responsive so agents can access booj through Max Center on their mobile devices to be able to manage their leads and contacts. This decision to participate in the mobile apps may be revisited when the development and functionality  is further along. 


Do I have to leave my current CRM and move over to booj?

No. booj is provided as a service you can take advantage of if it makes sense for your business. If you already use another CRM that you are happy with, You can use booj merely to manage your incoming leads from the RE/MAX Websites. You can even export your RE/MAX Leads out to your other CRM as needed.


If I add my contacts to booj, Does RE/MAX “Own” them? Can I take my contacts with me if Ieave the platform?
When you upload your contacts to the booj platform, RE/MAX does not have access to them, except for support and training. There is a mechanism for you to export your contacts from booj to a CSV file. You can even delete your contacts once you are finished. There may be specific board rules regarding contact database ownership from your local Real Estate Board/Association. For those rules, please check with your board/association or your broker.

Does RE/MAX use my contact database to send email to my clients?
Absolutely not. RE/MAX Will not contact your clients on your behalf from your database. RE/MAX follows CASL in Canada and does not send unsolicited emails. Any clients using your booj Website must opt-in to receive marketing emails from you. Any of your clients who use and sign up for alerts from that site may receive communications from RE/MAX as they have opted in on that site, but this is NEVER from your database.

Will I be able to integrate my Google Reviews on the booj websites?

You will not be able to integrate these natively, however there are two options for reviews available. The first will allow agents to connect to their RankMyAgent account and have their Star rating and most recent 3 reviews shown in a content block on the page. The second will allow agents to copy/paste their reviews into a section of their site.


Will I be able to use Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels on my website? 



Will I be able to use custom HTML code on my website? 

No. However, you will be able to contact product support to explore any options that may exist. 

How do I get help? Who can I contact for questions I might have?

Our Product Support team is here to help. Click the Support Services tile in MAX/Center, call/text 888.398.7171 or email: Support hours are 6am to 9pm (MST) Monday to Friday. 

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