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Brokers: How to Build Repeatable Business (With a Little Help from Automation)

Brokers, are you interested in using the RE/MAX Design Centre to add a simple, repeatable way to generate future business for your brokerage? If yes, then read on to learn more about adding Design Centre Automation to your marketing strategy.

Market a Listing to Build Future Business

Today—when competition among brokerages for listings is fierce—every brand differentiator, every extra brand impression counts when it comes to building future business. That’s why it’s so important to fully market every single listing that your agents bring in. A listing provides multiple opportunities for an agent and your brand to connect with your client base in a meaningful way, build brand presence, and drive leads.

Consider the premise that marketing a listing isn’t about selling the property: It’s about winning the next listing, the next client, the next referral. With that in mind, every marketing opportunity during a listing’s life cycle becomes a critical step to building overall success. An Open House isn’t just a way for agents to get the best price for their clients (and generate a great commission); it’s a major opportunity for an agent—and by extension, your brand—to build relationships with future buyers and sellers (aka future revenue). So why aren’t you marketing the heck out of your Open Houses and other listing events?

The Past

A few short years ago, leveraging every marketing opportunity for a listing was practically impossible. Everything, from a postcard to a single-property website to a Just Listed email, had to be created manually by an agent or marketing team, eating up hours of valuable time. Creating the same, repeatable, full set of marketing materials for every client in your brokerage wasn’t going to happen without a massive marketing budget.

What’s Possible TODAY

Thanks to Design Centre Automation, it doesn’t have to be solely up to the agent or marketing team to envision, create, post, and manage all the content needed to market a list. Now a brokerage can anticipate each piece of digital, social media, and print marketing content and support every agent by creating and delivering the right content at the right moment. The brokerage has a say in design, type of content, timing of content, and more, and the agent doesn’t have to go through the marketing journey alone—especially when the agent has so many hats to wear when selling a listing.

It takes a full series of touchpoints on multiple channels to realize your brokerage’s brand power potential. That’s why it’s incredibly important to have agents market a listing throughout its entire sales cycle—and why partnering with them throughout the process is critical.

How Design Centre Automation Works

Every time agents take on a new listing, Design Centre automatically creates and delivers fully-branded marketing materials to agents throughout the life of the listing. Key events include Just Listed, Open House, Price Reduced, and Just Sold. Watch the video below to see how automation makes it simple for agents to market all their listings and build repeatable business.

What Now?

Design Centre Automation is an upgrade you can purchase through Imprev, Inc. Thanks to RE/MAX, LLC, we’ve worked out special, affordable pricing for our RE/MAX family. If you’re interested in getting an example of an automatically-created Just Listed marketing package or learning more about automation, get in touch with Charlie Webb, your RE/MAX Account Executive at Imprev.

Charlie’s office phone number is 425-646-8470 or you can email him at Charlie loves learning more about a brokerage’s business goals and marketing strategy and will be thrilled to show you how automation can drive real, repeatable success! You can also learn more at

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