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Happy New Year!

Each New Year brings a renewed optimism for the coming year as we review our past year’s successes and challenges to determine our goals and targets for the upcoming year. Sales success is never really determined by outside market influences but by our own desire and discipline in creating and meeting our own personal goals.

Of course, a “hot” market may make it easier to reach a goal, but a so called “soft” market is not a barrier to reaching success. It really boils down to one’s own work ethic and ambition.

Top producing sales people typically go through a period retrospection as the year gets underway. This is natural, after a year full of activity, reaching to meet that year-end goal, to have it all start over again. This is short lived as the previous prospecting activities kick in with the telephone ringing and emails coming in requesting information.

My experience over the years has proven that a consistent prospecting plan always yields results. The key to take some of the sales swings out, with less cyclical influence, is to maintain a steady prospecting plan day in and day out.

Therefore, it is critical as you set your plans in place to always maintain a consistent prospecting plan no matter what else is going on in your business calendar. This will ensure you will experience consistent monthly sales performance, as opposed the lows and highs many others have due to inconsistent follow through on their plans.

As far as overall market conditions are concerned, 2013 looks as though it will be a stable year with record low interest rates remaining in place. There shouldn’t be any economic surprises ahead of us.

So, set your plans in place and follow them. You will reach your goals and have a great year in 2013!



Elton Ash ABR CRES
Regional Executive Vice President


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