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Important Information About Group Benefits/Health Plan

As mentioned in a communication on June 21, 2016 from Elton Ash at RE/MAX of Western Canada, Capri Group Benefits has been placed as the new administrator for your Group Benefit Plan. The Docu-Sign email you received is a form we require your signature on our end in order for us (Capri) to make the corresponding premium withdrawals.   If your current Benefit Plan is paid through an office, you can disregard the email, but if you pay for your benefits individually please fill in the necessary information and return to Capri.

The Docu-Sign document is encrypted and actually not only meets but also exceeds the most stringent US, EU and global security standards. We do not take the confidentiality of client information lightly and for that reason rely on DocuSign as the Digital Transaction Management (DTM) of choice as no other company matches the enterprise security and operations investment they have made. With more and more transactions being handled electronically we at Capri not only want to keep up with the ongoing trend but also want to make sure client information is protected.

The e-mail from DocuSign/Capri will appear like the example below:


Paige Bloodoff  | Employee Benefits, Savings & Wellness
Capri Insurance
100 – 1500 Hardy Street Kelowna, BC V1Y 8H2
P: 250.869.3920
E:   W:
Toll Free: 1.877.455.5588

Original e-mail from Elton Ash:

Effective June 30, 2016, Pat Smith, our Agent/Nominee for Lear Insurance, has retired. She has been a valuable member and plan administrator for 28 years here at RE/MAX Western Canada. She will be missed very much. However, she has earned a well-deserved retirement.

The Group Health Plan is continuing on just as it has. However, due to her retirement we have sold Lear Insurance to our local insurance broker, Capri Insurance. The huge benefit for this is that Capri has negotiated and contracted the plan underwriters, Great West Life and ACE Insurance for us over the years. Jeff Cox, Employee Benefits & Pension Consultant, for Capri Insurance has attended a number of our events and has met many of you personally already.

Effective July 1st, Paige Bloodoff will be your new contact and plan liaison. She will be following up with you to manage the redirection of your monthly premium payments from Lear to Capri. Paige is also very familiar with the plan and is looking forward to working with you in delivery the same great service Pat has provided. Her telephone number is (877) 455-5588 and email

I want to emphasis there are no changes to the plan, other than the already announced premium change. Everything will remain the same with the underwriters and response time. Having Capri Insurance take the account over on Pat’s retirement is an ideal scenario due to their total familiarity of the plan and membership base.
Once again, Paige will be in contact with you in the coming days to arrange the transfer of premium payment schedule from Lear to Capri. Please respond to her right away. She will be using DocuSign® to execute this process.

Thank you very much for your attention to this change. We look forward to the plan continuing just as it always has. Capri will be working very hard to make a good and lasting first impression. We will be remaining very closely connected to the program and look forward to member growth in the plan which will ensure great premium value for all involved.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at or (800) 563-3622.

Thank you,

RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998) LLC

Elton Ash
Regional Executive Vice President



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