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Commercial Online Training (Brokers)

The RE/MAX Raising Your Commercial IQ provides comprehensive online commercial real estate education and the
RE/MAX Certificate in Commercial Real Estate using the Investit Academy Learning Management System (LMS) as the online
delivery platform.


A video is worth 10,000 words. Kick back and see the Investit Commercial LMS in action. See how easy it is to
use and manage.

Education and Learning Activities in Action

Using the LMS for Recruiting, Screening, Education, Mentoring and Achievement

Operating Guide for Managers and Administrators 


Check out these short “how to” video guides.

Education & Learning Activities

Recruiting Aids

How to Screen Applicants


Developing an Education Plan

Developing an Education and Mentoring Plan (Case Studies)

Certificate in Commercial Real Estate

Adding Staff and Candidates

Administering Exams

Exam Rules

Reviewing exam grades and progress

Tracking progress

The handy Table of Contents


Course Outlines

Administration Staff Operating Manual 


Brochure (HTML) for adding to your website or inserting in e-mails

Brochure: One page brochure      Two page brochure with certificate

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