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New Radio Scripts During COVID-19

Recognizing that now is the time to show that a brand cares about their customers’ health and well-being and offering gratitude to them, we have secured audio impressions across Canada to help maintain our brand leadership and positioning.

The plan is to develop a series of audio 23-24 second spots which will range from tips on maintaining your home, tips on working from home, easy DIY projects to help spruce-up your home and yard, and more. The final 6-7 seconds of these spots will be a subtle credit message from RE/MAX supporting the brand.

Version 1

“You may need to move during these difficult times.  Be sure you are safe in the process.  You deserve a professional who knows the changing market conditions – one that cares about your every last detail to ensure your move is safe and smooth.  Ask a RE/MAX professional to interpret the current market conditions for you and help you find the right neighborhood with expert advice.  Follow #remaxcares to see how we are helping during the pandemic.”

Version 2

“What’s happening in your real estate market right now?  With over 30 per cent market share, RE/MAX knows the industry like no other!  We can move you with the latest technology and keep you safe while doing so – with all the care and personal attention down to every last detail.  Follow  #remaxcares  and we’ll prove it to you during these difficult times.”

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