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PROtect App

PROtect is a smart & simple app for safety monitoring. Used to facilitate a safe work environment – even when employees are on the move or working alone.

Born out of the need to unite mobile technology with the reassurance of personal safety, the application allows users to connect with their closest contacts and alert them when they find themselves unfamiliar or emergency scenarios.

Merideth Schutter, CEO and Founder of PROtect is a Vancouver-based RE/MAX realtor and mother of three. She created PROtect after years of using her own security “hack” during open houses – keeping her mother on the phone in case of emergency.

RE/MAX cares about your safety and has renewed for a second year.

The safety of real estate professionals is of the utmost importance to the RE/MAX organization,” says Ash. “There are many situations when REALTORS® are alone, such as at an open house. We believe the PROtect app has the potential to add an extra layer of security, not only in our industry, but for anyone who finds themselves in a vulnerable situation.”

The application allows users to send out an alert to a circle of chosen friends, known as “PROtectors,” if they feel at risk at any moment. Alternatively, it allows them to set up a timer for an alert as they enter a situation they are cautious of. Once an alert has been sent, the “PROtectors” are shown the location of the user, along with information on their battery status and any photos or notes taken during a specific event. The application allows the circle of PROtectors to communicate with one another to ensure the user is safe. PROtect syncs easily with calendars, contacts and event schedules.

A RE/MAX sponsored version of PROtect is now available for download on the iTunes store and Google Play.

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