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RE/MAX launches #HomeGoals YouTube Series

The series – hosted by YouTuber and social media personality Ashley Bloomfield – is scheduled to launch in October 2019 on RE/MAX Canada’s YouTube channel and will be promoted via Instagram.

Each episode focuses on the home-buying journey, as the featured buyers consider liveability factors and weigh them against other variables, such as price. “Liveability” is the satisfaction a homeowner gets within the context of a neighbourhood (such as proximity to public transit and schools) in addition to the home’s features (such as layout or number of bathrooms).

#HomeGoals by RE/MAX depicts the inevitable compromises and choices that real Canadians face when buying a home. The participants featured in the five-episode series discuss their decisions in the context of the neighbourhood, their budgetary constraints and their liveability goals.

You can get involved by sharing the trailer and encouraging friends and clients to subscribe to the RE/MAX Canada Youtube Channel, so they can be the first to see each new episode of #HomeGoals as they are released!

#HomeGoals launches October 2,2019. Subscribe to the RE/MAX Canada YouTube channel to watch episodes.


Watch the trailer now!


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