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RE/MAX Advertising in MLB Playoffs

Canada’s team, the Toronto Blue Jays, are going to the ALCS and RE/MAX is connecting with fans all the way!RE/MAX will be front and centre online where huge volumes of fans check out Blue Jays game highlights!

It’s known that masses of people watch baseball highlights in the post season and following our Canadian team means huge exposure for the RE/MAX brand!  RE/MAX ads will be on all Western Canadian metro and community newspaper websites, with 400,000 video pre-roll and 400,000 image overlay advertisements in Blue Jays and the World Series highlight content.

Watch for the ads (but don’t click 🙂 ) and let’s cheer on the Blue Jays!


Elaine Langhout
Regional Advertising Director
RE/MAX of Western Canada | 1.800.563.3622

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