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The Top 10 ‘Hustle Tips’ of Successful RE/MAX Affiliates

“What is your RE/MAX Hustle tip for accomplishing a task when you really need to get something done?”

That is a question we’ve asked more than 50 times over the past year-and-a-half to some of the most successful RE/MAX affiliates throughout Western Canada.

In February 2019, we launched The RE/MAX Hustle Podcast. The concept was simple: we wanted to leverage the knowledge and expertise of our talented RE/MAX of Western Canada network. The idea was initially suggested at one of our Regional Management Training sessions. A new manager said she appreciated the fact we provide video, blog and even in-person training for agents; however, she explained audio training may be even more beneficial.

“Agents are always on the go,” she said. “It’d be nice for them to educate themselves while driving from appointment to appointment.”

Each episode of The RE/MAX Hustle Podcast is a unique 15- to 45-minute conversation with someone who has found success within the RE/MAX organization. And every episode ends with a “Hustle Tip.”

We thought it would be interesting to go back through all of the previous episodes and find common themes and practices amongst some of our most successful RE/MAX affiliates. Below is an outline of the 10 most common Hustle Tips, listed on order of popularity.


The 10 Most Popular RE/MAX Hustle Tips:

1 – Take Action & Do What It Takes

“I’ve stuck by the words: Ready, Fire, Aim. Pull the trigger on the decision of what you need to do. Correct the bullet as it goes along. But do it, as opposed to aiming, never firing, and sitting on the sideline.” – Scott Predenchuk, (RE/MAX Crown Real Estate (North))

The most popular Hustle Tip was delivered by nearly 20 per cent of those interviewed. The message was simple: do what it takes to get the job done. Brandon Grass (RE/MAX Kelowna) suggested it may take 10X the effort of what you think it will take to accomplish the goal. Michele Cummins (RE/MAX Little Oak) said her key to success has been identifying clear goals and then doing whatever it takes to reach those targets.

2 – Do the Hardest Thing First

“I like to get to my important tasks first thing in the morning because I get easily distracted. The night before, I make a list of the important and difficult tasks I need to do. Then I get in the office fairly early and get right to it. Otherwise, your day just gets ahead of you and it doesn’t get done.” – Kim Knutson (RE/MAX North of 60 Realty)

The #2 ranked Hustle Tip is all about starting your day by taking on the most challenging task. Brent MacIntosh (RE/MAX River City) said he tries to get every task he is not looking forward to done before 10 a.m. Joel Davoren (RE/MAX Australia) mentioned your energy levels are typically highest early in the day; therefore, it makes sense to deal with the most difficult tasks at that time.

3 – Stick to Your Schedule and Eliminate Distractions

“The way I work everyday is I start my day with 90 minutes of productive work without looking at my e-mail or my phone. You’re going to get the most done if you don’t look at your e-mail or your phone, just start your morning with pure focus of what you need to get done for the day. Even if you don’t get any other productive work done, you’ve gotten more work done in that 90 minutes than most people do all week.” – Matt van Winkle (RE/MAX Northwest)

Third on our list of Hustle Tips is a hybrid of sticking to a schedule and eliminating distractions when working on a task. Big John Peterson said his schedule rules his life, whether it’s work-related or a date night with his wife. Valerie Garcia sets a timer and tries to get work accomplished in relatively short windows (such as 20 minutes).

4 – Utilize Your Support Systems and the RE/MAX Network

“I have a great support system. We’re an office of 50, and every agent in the office is willing to give someone a hand, whether it’s with open houses or getting a signature if you’re tied up. If anyone else has those resources, take advantage and use them.” – Anita Sharma Turner (RE/MAX Associates)

Whether it is leaning on team members, administrative staff or the larger RE/MAX network, a common Hustle Tip was to utilize the resources around you. Michael Thorne (RE/MAX Lifestyles) said it’s essential to surround yourself with people who are pulling in the same direction as you. Juli Wenger (RE/MAX River City) encouraged agents to “hire it out” and focus on the work that will either serve your clients or make you money.

5 – Reward Yourself

“When I really have to get something done, I bribe myself. We have a fancy coffee maker at home, so I make my coffee and start prospecting, but when I want a second cup, I’m not allowed to have it until I’ve made all my prospecting calls.” – Tamara Stone (RE/MAX Kelowna)

Don’t forget to treat yourself! Whether you want to accomplish a simple or difficult task, rewards can be a helpful motivator. During her first year in real estate, Jane Johnston (RE/MAX Camosun) told herself she would take her family on a vacation if she sold 24 homes. Brendan Stoneman (RE/MAX Kelowna) gamified the process of accomplishing daily tasks by assigning various items with point systems.

6 – Be Accountable

“I truly believe in accountability. If there is something I know I need to get done that I’m not super excited about, I will tell people that I’m going to do it. People listen. Whether you ask them to be an accountability partner or not, you’d be surprised how many people later in your week will say, ‘So, how’d that go?’ So you better be prepared to execute and answer to others.” – Amy Somerville (RE/MAX LLC)

Studies have shown accountability can increase your likelihood of success. The American Society of Training and Development found that people are 65 per cent likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. Their chances increase to 95 per cent when they build in ongoing meetings with their partners to check on progress. Tony Joe (RE/MAX Camosun) said his entire team holds each other accountable by having access to each other’s schedules.

7 – Take a Break

“When I really need to get something done and I’m stressed out, I actually take a step back, take a moment to breathe, and really think things through so I can be more strategic in how I’m getting things done and using my time.” – Zach Terlier (RE/MAX Real Estate (Central))

It may seem like the opposite of “hustle,” but three of our podcast guests said the key to getting stuff done is taking a break. Keynote speaker and brand hysteria expert Johnny Cupcakes said he has found his creativity increases when he takes a break from staring at a computer or phone screen. Noel Nissen (RE/MAX of Western Canada) suggested short five-minute breaks can help reset your mind and are beneficial for your health.

8 – Protect Mental Headspace and Stay Positive

“As REALTORS®, the most important thing we can do is protect our mental headspace daily. I don’t let things get in that I don’t want there. I don’t hang around with a bunch of other REALTORS® talking about how bad everything is.” – Rhonda Navratil (RE/MAX River City)

Sometimes you can get tasks accomplished quicker by simply looking at the glass as half-full. Terry Compton (RE/MAX Kelowna) said she does her best to start every morning on a positive note, which fuels her productivity for the day. Melanie Galea (RE/MAX Fort McMurray) said putting her phone on do-not-disturb mode from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. has been instrumental in “protecting her peace.”

9 – Embrace Technology

“I have to acknowledge my memory is imperfect, and that Siri’s memory is perfect. I have to acknowledge that computers are part of my team. By using keyboard shortcuts on my phone, I’m able to save a workweek against my competition.” – Taylor Hack (RE/MAX River City)

Technology can be overwhelming and, if not used properly, even time-consuming; however, technology can also be leveraged to make us more efficient. For example, Jennifer Berry (RE/MAX Crest Realty) spends a lot of time in her vehicle and, therefore, relies on Bluetooth for making phone calls on the road.

10 – The Other Tips

“My Hustle Tip is never settle. Never settle for what mediocrity would bring your way. Always go for 110 per cent. That really builds hustle, because even if you don’t hit 110 per cent, you’re going to do way better than most other people.” – Adam Contos (RE/MAX CEO)

The first nine Hustle Tips were mentioned by more than one podcast guest. Here are the other tips that have been shared by individual interviewees:

-Leverage Systems

-Be Persistent

-Use Visualization

-Be Decisive

-Never Settle


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