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Where is the updated #1 logo?

Many of you are wondering why the #1 logo isn’t in the new Brand Identity Manual. Find out why here!

RE/MAX has proudly used the #1 logo for many years. It was a logo which was designed when RE/MAX LLC won the JD Power Awards several years ago. Our associates were excited to use it, providing they could produce local substantiation to satisfy local board regulations.

It was a great marketing asset, however, there was a tremendous amount of work in the backscene to ensure its validation and correct use in every market. Legally, it was a problematic logo if used incorrectly.

For these reasons, RE/MAX LLC has decided to retire the #1 logo.  It is highly recommended that brokers and agents review marketing materials to discontinue its use.  Please contact us at Regional Office if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Elaine Langhout
Director of Regional Advertising


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